Rangeton Park

Rangeton Park is a beautiful rustic campground nestled along the Pembina River, just off the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22) in between Highways 16 and 43.

On the second Friday in June you will find musicians from all over Alberta gathering for the "Annual Farmerís Day Festival." The Festival showcases local talent from a large radius around the Park and lasts for the whole weekend. This is a great family Festival!

Rangeton Park also hosts two other musical shows each year including the "Pembina River Nights" in early July and the "Sasquatch Gathering" in late July.

The Park serves as a venue for various events including family reunions, church and company picnic camp outs and weddings.

The Park is a great get away for your rustic camping experience. You will not find power or water hookups here, but you will find a beautiful, scenic and serene place, where you will hear Canada Geese and other birds, perhaps view a deer quietly grazing or a moose passing through.

Rangeton Park is a local treasure, waiting to be discovered by passers by who may take the opportunity to check it out. They surely will not be disappointed.
Joanne St. Martin
$20 per night
Firewood is included.

Camping is first come first serve, no reservations for individual sites. Group site is available at $ 300/day, contact for availability.
Rangeton Park is located off the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22) in between Highways 16 and 43.
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